6 Signs You’ve Found the Best Brisbane Dog Walking Service

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When you’re a dog owner, or pet parent, for some people, you have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. For one, you need to provide food and shelter for your pet. You should also give him or her all the attention he or she needs. This includes walking your four-legged baby to allow him or her to have some exercise, explore the outdoors, and meet other dogs. If you don’t have a lot of time to do that, you can always hire Brisbane dog walking service.

Dogs are man’s best friend. This we all know and believe. This is also the reason many people have decided to adopt dogs. But sometimes, we may not always be there for our beloved pooch. Thankfully, there are dog walking services Gold Coast has.

Check out the seven signs that tell you you’ve found the best dog walkers:

  1. Your dog(s) loves them.

Buddy or Quincy can “smell” a person’s personality. You can tell that someone from a Brisbane dog walking agency isn’t fit to be your baby’s sitter if your fur baby isn’t comfortable around them. If your dachshund, golden retriever, or German shepherd has their tail between their legs and their ears tucked away, these are indications that your precious pet is either scared of them or

  1. They love, like really, really love, dogs.

Most people who go for dog walker jobs have an innate love for your four-legged babies. Some can even be obsessed with dogs. Like, they’d literally scream with excitement every time they see a pup on the street. Besides, would you choose someone who doesn’t like your (hypothetical) kid?

  1. They have five-star reviews.

Just like any service, you’d want to check out reviews about the dog walkers on Gold Coast. Testimonials are important because they will give you a glimpse of what the quality of service the dog walking company offers. Aside from that, it’s worth taking the time to check if someone will vouch for the agency’s reputation and reliability. Take a look at Spot The Dog Walker

  1. They have staff members who are certified professionals.

Aside from having genuine love and concern for your pets, it’s a must for Brisbane dog walking professionals to be trained and certified to keep a close watch on your fur babies. It would also be a plus if they also have basic knowledge of pet first aid. That way you can have peace of mind knowing Max or Princess is safe while being outdoors.

  1. They have insurance.

Don’t take any risk, hire only a company that is fully insured. Spot the Dog Walker is fully insured, which means that you and your pet is protected against the worst.

  1. Their background has been checked.

To further ensure your pooch’s safety, a reputable Brisbane dog walking agency should have their employees’ background checked by the police. This will give pet parents the assurance that their clients and their treasured dogs are all in safe hands.

Professional dog walkers on the Gold Coast should also be honest enough to inform the owners of any problem. That way it would be dealt with as quickly as possible.