Introducing the world of cycling for the cycling novice

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Are you new to the world of cycling? If you’re the newest cycling novice in town, fret not! Mellow Johnnys cycling apparel store for men and women got you covered! But before you put on the cycling gear, you must know what this popular activity is about, and how it affects the lives of cyclists in the best way possible. Remember, novices learn from amateurs and experts.

The World of Cycling

Cycling or bicycling was made known during the 1800s despite being a concept design way back in 1493 by Gian Giacomo Caprotti. Not long after its introduction, the first bicycling race happened during 1868. There are other versions of the story where there are people documented to have started the bicycle like the German Baron Karl von Drais.

Nevertheless, bicycling was then considered a sport during 1868, with James Moore as the first winner at 18 years of age. Today, there are many international cycling events recognized around the world, and Mellow Johnnys is helping more cyclists finish the race by supplying them with the best equipment available.

Finishing The Race

To finish the race, you must always be prepared. You must know what to do and what to wear appropriately. Mellow Johnnys provides you with a long list of products you should use, and here are some of them below:

  1. Cycling Shoes – Okay, every cyclist knows that good shoes equals to a good performance. This notion is actually subjective but it does have a point. Wearing the proper footwear protects you from mishaps and help boost your performance. Why wear anything else?
  1. Arm and Leg Warmers – when you happen to be on a breezy bike lane or a cold race event, you’ll need to keep warm or freeze. To know more about what warmers you can buy, click to read here.
  1. Cycling Gloves – this product is optional, but a pair really helps cyclists, especially under warm and cold weather conditions, as it serves as a reliable protection for the hands. It also improves grip for hand maneuver.
  1. Cycling Shorts – they’re not your regular go-to shorts but they can be wearable not just on a normal day but especially in mountain biking and cycling race events that could go miles and miles. You could try this web-site for checking an array of quality cycling shorts available.
  1. Cycling helmets – You need a good head protection to prevent possible injuries that may have a lasting effect. Some roads are unpredictable and that is reason enough to purchase a cycling helmet that fits you comfortably and is durable for casual or heavy use.

Cycling Within The Cyclists

What do cyclists like when biking?

  1. Helps reconnect with friends
  2. Promotes exercise
  3. Provides an authentic land experience
  4. Inspires being one with nature
  5. Encourages a clean, happy, and friendly sport

Cycling Within Reach

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